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Annual Report 2017

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Chair of the Executive Group overview

Explore your options, discover your potential is our call to young people in East Anglia as they consider life after school. 

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Who we are

The Network for East Anglian Collaborative Outreach (neaco) is a consortium of five universities and eight further education colleges. We are working together towards the government’s national aim of doubling the proportion of students from underrepresented neighbourhoods progressing to higher education and degree level apprenticeships by 2020.

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“neaco brings together a huge amount of expertise and experience and we will be making the very most of this opportunity for the region. We are a collaborative partnership which aims to show the region’s young people the array of higher education options available to them as well as providing practical support to help them achieve their goals. Our region offers world-class courses taught in leading centres of research. and vocational courses with excellent Links to business and the professions:
— Tom Levinson Network for East Anglian Collaborative Outreach (neaco) Project Manager

The year in review

Improving outcomes,
one student at a time

2017 has seen the development and implementation of Take Your Place in our target schools.  Learn more

Improving Outcomes
Case Studies

Supporting our in-school programme of learning, events throughout 2017 have given our students a taste of alternative areas of study to pursue. Read on to find out about our work in schools and at events. Learn more

Forging links with schools

Throughout the year, we have forged strong links with our target schools through our Higher Education Champions’ work both within schools and with our students. At the end of 2017 we are working with 67 of our target schools and colleges across East Anglia. Learn more

A collaborative approach

There are a number of organisations working to improve social mobility across East Anglia. Throughout 2017 we have worked with organisations in the area whose aims closely align to neaco’s to ensure a coherent approach is taken to address the high level of need across the region. Learn more

Working with Communities

A vital part of our work in engaging underrepresented young people is understanding and working with their communities. Working within schools only gives a partial picture of the lives and influences of our targeted young people. Understanding, interacting with, and finding ways to influence the communities they live in, completes this picture. Learn more

“The Ipswich and Suff olk Council for Racial Equality believes that widening participation is not just about increasing numbers in higher education but about ensuring equal opportunity for everyone. We are therefore encouraged that neaco recognises the importance of parents, families and communities in supporting young people in making the choice to progress
to higher education. The Take Your Place Community Grant will allow us to implement an intervention aimed at identifying and sharing what works when engaging with families from Black and Minority Ethnic and disadvantaged backgrounds”
— Phanuel Mutumburi Business and Operations Director, Ipswich and Suff olk Council for Racial Equality

Embedding change through CPD

Training and CPD are an integral part of our progressive framework. They are a valuable and important way to build the sustainability of the project, ensuring a lasting impact for years to come. Learn more

Evidence based outreach

Embedded in the project is the belief that we have an opportunity to improve the evidence base of the impact of outreach work. Evaluation has been embedded in the programme from the outset. The progressive framework forms the basis for our local evaluation, providing measurable key outcomes and objectives. Learn more

Financial highlights

neaco is funded by The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), as part of the National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP).
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