• Online Event
  • 1 December 15:30-16:30


We all have opinions on language. It might be about what is 'correct' and what is 'incorrect', or maybe it's the accent that you just love to listen to (or, in some cases, just can't stand to listen to!).

Language variation and attitudes to language varieties have been studied extensively in sociolinguistics, but, how can we examine peoples' attitudes and stereotypes towards other speakers? and how can authors, screenwriters, computer game designers etc. tap into our social evaluations when creating the characters we all know and love....or, maybe even hate?

If you’re in year 11,12 or 13 take a look at ‘I Wonder Wednesdays’!

‘I Wonder Wednesdays’ is a series of online taster sessions designed to help you explore the subjects that interest you and discover what it would be like to study them at university. You’ll meet one of our lecturers and have the chance to ask any questions about the subject and about the University of Suffolk. They’re also a great way to demonstrate interest in your subject when writing your personal statement.

Each taster runs on a Wednesday and will last for around one hour. You can book to attend as many as you like and all you need to take part is access to a computer!