University of Suffolk-neaco Report: Enhancing BTEC students' transition to HE

Dr Clare Gartland and Dr Christine Smith, of the University of Suffolk, have published their final report on “Enhancing BTEC students’ transition to HE: Developing pedagogical partnerships across post-16 and HE sectors”, produced in association with NCOP and neaco.

The Enhancing BTEC students’ transition to HE project was designed to identify and support best practice in developing institutional partnerships between Further Education (FE) and Sixth Form Colleges and Higher Education (HE) institutions, to more effectively promote and facilitate successful progression to HE amongst students from non-traditional backgrounds.

The ambition of this project was to identify ways that colleges and universities can effectively work together to support students’ progression and transition to HE in an aligned and co-ordinated manner, as well as contributing to understanding of best practice in supporting constituencies of non-traditional students’ in their progression through HE.

The project was conducted in three phases;

The first phase of the project involved a series of workshops within institutions, organised to encourage discussion of existing practices around support of vocational students’ progression into and through HE, and to identify ways to build better pedagogical connections between HEIs and post-16 Colleges.

The second phase of this project provided time for workshop participants to further evolve the cross-sector connections made during the workshops, with the ambition of helping to develop and enhance participants’ long-term practices in promoting and supporting transition.

During the third phase, thirteen participants were interviewed, drawn from all disciplinary clusters and from both the HE and post-16 sectors.

The report concludes by offering a set of nine recommendations, derived from findings and analyses across the three phases of the project’s work.

Download the full report.