UCAS new university admissions model

The UCAS report ‘Reimagining UK admissions’, proposes a ‘post-qualification offer’ approach.  Students  would complete their UCAS application as they do now, but universities would only make them offers once they have received their examination results. Students would also have the chance to explore new opportunities with their results in hand.

However, UCAS warns the proposal needs to be considered alongside three key challenges that must be overcome in order to deliver them:

  • How this aligns with the application process for international students
  • How to ensure that students receive support from schools and colleges during the post-results offer-making period
  • How the benefits of a cross-UK model for admissions are maintained

“We have spoken to thousands of UCAS’ customers, and heard the message that there could be a different way to do university admissions that will tackle some of the well documented challenges with the current system, namely unconditional offers and the use of the predicted grades." Clare Marchant, Chief Executive of UCAS

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