Progress on widening participation across East Anglia

Two fifths of postcodes in East Anglia are classified as having low rates of higher education progression for young people. This suggests that the region faces a bigger education progression challenge than England as a whole. Take Your Place was set up precisely to address this challenge. The latest data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency for students who took part in Take Your Place activities puts the higher education participation rate for students from most disadvantaged backgrounds as substantially higher than the national average (39.9% compared to 27.3%). The same data suggests that in the region the higher education participation gap is smaller than nationally (6.8 percentage points, compared to 30.5 percentage points).

Evaluating Phase 1 of the Take Your Place programme, neaco evaluation team lead Dr Sonia Ilie (Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge) concluded “the programme is addressing a complex decision space, and overall is positively supporting young people to make the best possible decisions about their higher education”.