Pupils experience ‘A day in the life’ of a uni student


Almost 50 students from schools in East Anglia took part in a photography project run as a collaboration between Anglia Ruskin University and the University of Cambridge.

The year 10 and year 11 students from Suffolk and Norfolk toured Anglia Ruskin University campus in Cambridge and Downing College with student ambassadors from both universities. They were armed with digital cameras to take photos of different aspects of student life as a way of helping them experience life as a university student. Students then had a chance to work in one of the University of Cambridge computer suites to design and deliver their group presentation.

Emily Cole, Head of Art and Photography at Sewell Park Academy, explained “The added dimension of engaging our students through photography meant they looked in more detail at the university environment. The students were able to experience two very different universities as well as visit a town many had never been to before. ‘Day in the life’ succeeded in planting a seed in the minds of our students about the possibilities of university and living away from home – which will hopefully stay with them and influence their future choices.”

The students enjoyed having Anglia Ruskin and University of Cambridge student ambassadors on hand to talk to about all aspects of university life - some of the comments from the day included:

“Really nice friendly students, Action Plan: go to higher education settle in and make new friends.”

“After my day in Cambridge I want to focus on art work to create a portfolio for college, aim for high grades and go to uni.”


The presentations included observations from the students about what they saw on the day, such as, “many students form groups to tackle important issues such as the use of plastic”, “laundrette; allows students to wash their clothes while they’re living on campus”, “Cafes allow students to endure social aspects of universities to study in a relaxed environment and socialise”, “Sooooo many bikes!” “finding a place to stay is quite simple”, “student union: a place to unite students as one.”


The event was organised by Lindsey Jonesman and Rachel Pickering and included students from Stowmarket High and Samuel Ward Academy in Suffolk, Sewell Park and King Edward VII in Norfolk.