Camouflaged Learning in Thomas Clarkson Academy

75 Year 9 students took part in activities focused on fostering effective communication, resilience and team building. Matt from Camouflaged Learning ran a whole day of games, activities and silliness with the students. 

The events are part of Take Your Place - a programme targeted at students from years 9-13 to help foster progression to higher education.

Camouflaged Learning combines small team work to help the students learn how to work together and takes students out of their comfort zones, learning skills outside the classroom. Some of the events included groups of five students forming ‘Human machines’ where they kept a ball balanced between then while standing back-to-back, then passing a rope around the circle, not breaking hands and beating the time.

Becky Comar, Higher Education Champion said of the event "It was really great to see students engaging in something totally different within a school setting. At first some students seemed unsure and hesitant but within a few minutes there was a great energy in the sports hall, smiling faces and students engaging in silly and fun activities which centred around softer skills like communication, resilience and simply having a go. A really positive collaboration between Thomas Clarkson Academy, neaco and Camouflaged Learning"