NUA Alumni textile artist continues to inspire Norfolk students

Nikkita Morgan returned to Norfolk schools throughout March to hold workshops on how she has made a career in the creative industry. Her sessions on textile art. show how she is inspired by her experiences such as conflict between Ireland and the UK. 

Students from Broadland High School responded to Nikkita's workshop and building a career as a working artist. Jamie said "I loved how Nikkita used her background as an inspiration and created her pieces to show a message. ...I would like to learn to do the 3D embroidery as it seems different and effective. I would like to make a piece that is inspired by something I have experienced."

Alicia also enjoyed the influences on Nikkita's work: "I was really inspired by [how Nikkita used] the hand embroidery to show the conflict between Ireland and the UK. I also really liked Nikkita’s presentation about the graffiti and different cultures."

Take Your Place is continuing to tour schools in Norfolk with Nikkita to show how artists can build a successful career by following their passion.

NUA Alumni returns to Norfolk to inspire students

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Mixed Media Textile artist Nikkita Morgan, who received her Master’s in Textile Design from Norwich University of the Arts, toured six Norfolk schools this week to inspire students and uncover hidden talents. The event was organised by Higher Education Arts Champions Annabel Osborn and Jodie Marr at Take Your Place – a programme focusing on improving progression of targeted young people in year 9-13 to higher education.

Nikkita, a recipient of the Arts and Humanity Research Council Award said “Within my practice I produce work that responds to political issues and conflicts from around the world.  My work pushes the boundaries of design by utilising conventional art-making materials and processes. Talking to school students and staff has been an enriching experience; I wanted to show students that art is not just about making something to display on the wall, for me making work is about communicating a meaningful message. I am looking forward to returning to the schools to deliver a workshop on embroidery techniques.”

For Take Your Place, the project is all about raising aspirations. Jodie Marr from Take Your Place said “We are delighted to have the opportunity to bring Nikkita to local schools as not many students get the opportunity to host guest speakers from visiting artists. Textiles is an endangered subject, with dwindling numbers across the UK due to budget cuts. Some schools are having to cut Textiles GCSEs or A Level, which is a great shame. Therefore touring a Textiles Artist from the creative industry to come and inspire students in underrepresented areas is a very inspirational step.”

Approximately 150 students and 10 teachers benefited from the tour, learning about the importance of artist influences, research, experimentation and how to apply for artist residencies.

Elaine Humplebye (Head of Art) at Sprowston Community High School said “I found the session an interesting and motivating experience. The students were responding to Nikkita’s work by discussing ideas, techniques and the situation in Ireland.’

Sophie Bryant, (Textiles Teacher) added ‘It is an invaluable opportunity to show students what possibilities lie in a career in the arts.”

Jaimey, Year 10 student said of the visiting artist “I really enjoyed hearing about all Nikkita inspiration and how she used it to do what she loved. It has inspired me to find out what I want to do in life.”

Charlotte, Year 10 student at Sprowston Community High School said “I found Nikkita’s work very interesting and I admire the way she incorporates world issues that means a lot to her, into her work. I also like how she never sticks with one technique and that she tried out lots of different ones to find the one for her.”