Confidence building with Pre-16 students in Lowestoft

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‘Take Your Place with Confidence’ is a 10-week programme aimed at empowering year 9 and 10 students to improve their resilience and encourage progression to higher education. The course uses presentation and drama techniques to develop confidence, communication and life skills.

Target students in Pakefield High School, East Point Academy, Ormiston Denes Academy and Benjamin Britten Academy have been reaping the rewards of this workshop.

We are working with two local theatres (The Marina and The Seagull) and are using actors to help facilitate this progamme. The interactive sessions help students to identify their strengths through self-expression and by developing creative ideas.

Students left the first session enthused and eager to return the following week. Accompanying school staff also left with high levels of enthusiasm – some comments included “this is just what these kids need, it’s good to see how well they have engaged in the activities.”  The sessions are held at the Marina and the Seagull Theatre.

The sessions, held at the Marina and the Seagull Theatre, are aimed to help students be comfortable in their own skins - all people act differently in different situations. Over the following weeks, students from will work in small groups to build on skills they already possess such as how they communicate with others.