This is the life

Universities and colleges have vibrant social and academic communities, with busy schedules of welcome events to help your child settle in and meet people. Many include Freshers’ week, Student services information sessions, Halls social events and Buddy or ‘parent’ schemes to name a few.

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Accommodation options

University accommodation

Most universities accommodate first year students. The accommodation is managed by the university and offers a good stepping stone from living at home to living independently, giving students the skills to transition to private accommodation in their final years. Utility bills are often included in the rent – check with the university. Bedroom keys are unique; a student will only ever be able to open their own bedroom door.

Private student halls

A purpose-built student living complex. The setup is similar to university halls, but owned by a private company. Factor in what bills are included, what facilities are on site and how far they are from campus.

Private accommodation

Rent locally with other students. Check what bills are included (including a deposit) and how far they have to travel to get to class.

Staying at home

For some students living at home can be a good option – as long as you’re happy for them to stay! They may need to make more effort to get out and socialise to meet other students, but they might save money and avoid the hassle of moving. Commuting can lead to a very different university experience – consider what is right for your child.

Develop Skills

If your child lives away from home whilst studying they develop valuable life skills such as cooking for themselves, cleaning, doing laundry and managing their finances.

Making Choices About Creative Degrees

Sixth form students experience life at four of the five universities in East Anglia. This residential looks at studying for a creative degree and is brought to you by Take Your Place, a programme aimed at helping young people consider their options after school or college.