What's it all about?


If you don’t think university is the right path for you, then an apprenticeship might be just what you are looking for. In essence, an apprenticeship is a job. You’ll spend 80% of the working week at your place of employment, and 20% at your place of study. You’ll earn a salary, and your course fees will be covered by your employer and the government. You just need to be willing to manage your time between work and study.  There are many different apprenticeships you can apply for depending on your existing qualifications across a broad range of different industries. 


A higher apprenticeship is equivalent to a foundation degree. Like any apprenticeship, it’s a full-time job with a study element – typically a 30-hour working week, plus a day of study. This might be at college, uni, at work via distance learning, or online.  You get paid, your tuition fees are covered by your employer (and the Government), and you get a little slice of student life to boot. 


A degree apprenticeship is a job combined with a university degree, meaning you’ll be working for an employer most of the time and studying at university or college for the rest. 

Are you thinking about undertaking a Higher or Degree Apprenticeship but you’re still not sure which career sector you’d like to work within? We have put together a series of information packs focusing on different work sectors with each including: 

- Which apprenticeships are available?  

- Entry requirements  

- Apprenticeship providers

- Key dates and when to apply

We've also put together a presentation with lots of information about Apprenticeships generally and how to apply.

Check out the downloads section for this and all the subject fact sheets. 

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