What's it all about?

This teaching resource is aimed at educators wishing to deliver a series of personal development sessions with students in Year 10 or Year 11.

It looks at options and the importance of passion/ambition in making choices at Key Stage 5 and preparing for future career paths.

The session resources comprise an MS Powerpoint presentation (with notes) and accompanying worksheets, where relevant.

All documents are available in the download section. 

Topics include:

  1. Progression routes
  2. Preparing for post-18 choices
  3. The importance of Passion and Ambition
  4. Making choices
  5. Identifying skills
  6. Thinking about careers
  7. Apprenticeships
  8. Life at University
  9. Marketplace - a post 16 options session
  10. Tutor time quiz about Higher Education
  11. General Post-16 options presentation

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