What's it all about?

We are joined by four of the University of Suffolk Parent Carer Ambassadors Dave, Nicky, Pete and Michelle. We have asked them questions relating to their families' journey into higher education. Join them in this series as they share their experience with the application process, attending open days, securing student finance, supporting their young adults independence and the challenges they faced as a parent.

If you as a parent or carer are finding the process new and are wanting to know more, please do get in touch with us. We are here to answer your questions.

Have you supported young people into University?

Most challenging part of the process?

Did they know what they wanted to do?

How many Universities were considered?

Were other options considered?

How many open days did you go to?

What was the best thing about the Open Day?

What was your Open Day priority?

What was your young person's Open Day Priority?

How was the Student Finance application?

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