What is Applications Unlocked?

Applications unlocked was a six-week programme of online activities delivered by the Take Your Place Team and designed to give pupils information and guidance about the application process for Universities and other Higher Education (HE) providers. The events and sessions were recorded so those interested in applying to HE can work their way through the programme in their own time. Any resources mentioned in the sessions can be found in the downloads section below.

Introduction to Applications Unlocked

The Take Your Place team explain what to expect from the programme:

Q&A Sessions

Q&A Session 1

In these sessions the Take Your Place team answer the questions frequently asked by 6th Form pupils:

Q&A Session 2

Aim a Little Higher - 30min Confidence Workshop

Being able to speak and write confidently about your skills and experiences is helpful to complete a good quality application to university. Take part in this 30-minute webinar to help build your confidence to make that inspirational application. In this webinar, you will learn how confidence is accessible to all and it gives you the opportunity to take part in small exercises to reflect upon your own attributes and successes.


Super-curricular Activities

Evidence of super-curricular activity really helps with that stand-out UCAS application.  Listen to our podcast for information and advice, and then check out our booklet containing information, links to super-curricular activity and record sheets giving you the opportunity to reflect and make the most of your research.

The UCAS Timeline

Understanding UCAS and being aware of the key application dates is important for completing your university application to a high-quality standard. Listen to our podcast for information about UCAS, the key dates within your HE application and a student’s own experience when applying to university. Don’t forget to check out our UCAS timeline to visually guide you through your application journey.

Talking about skills

This episode helps you take stock and talk with confidence about your skills - what are they and how do you prove you have them, in order to impress a university admissions tutor?

Personal Statements

This webinar will give you everything you need to know to start writing your statement plus useful hints and tips on how to make it stand out from the rest! Don’t forget to check out our personal statement template below which can be used to support you with writing your first draft!


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