School Grants

To support the aspiration and progression of target students to higher education we invite target schools
and sixth form colleges to apply for funding for specific projects. Following are successful
applications showing a diverse and innovative approaches to supporting outreach activity.

Chantry Academy

Student Council to Visit Parliament

Awarded November 2017, Suffolk

Around 30 student representatives to visit parliament to see how decisions are made nationally. The project will include meeting with MPs to discuss the merits of being active participators in their community. School students will also have the opportunity to meet with politics graduates in London and the Politics Department at the University of Suffolk to discuss university pathways.

Ely College 


Awarded January 2018, Cambridgeshire

Ely College PLEDGES is a current award system which offers students a range of character building opportunities to enhance their learning and development. The grant is to widen access and participation in the PLEDGES offer amongst students in the Littleport West target area.

Alumni LMI

Awarded November 2017, Cambridgeshire

Use alumni as role models to help address low aspirations, inspire and motivate target students. The project collects career path information from alumni and produces media (leaflets, podcasts and a small number of documentary films). Circulation of these materials to target students and other schools target schools aims to provide role models and information about career progression to students to show a broader range of careers.

Long Road Sixth Form

Ipswich Academy

GCSE Art SCVA and UEA Visit

Awarded December 2017,

Art trip for year 11 GCSE Art students to Sainsbury Centre of Visual Arts at the University of East Anglia. The trip aims to raise aspiration to go on to higher education, exposes students to a collection of art from prehistory to modern day and provides a workshop by a professional artist.  

Removing barriers and positive mindset for HE

Awarded January 2018

Work with students to identify barriers which prevent them from achieving their highest outcomes and stop them from progressing to higher education. These barriers include high levels of anxiety and low aspirations that are influenced by the college's location (coastal and rural deprivation in the East of England). The programme will research students through through observation, research and coaching 

East Norfolk Sixth Form

Venture into your future

Awarded February 2018

The grant provides funding to employ a careers adviser from Beacon East to work with year 9 students, delivering assemblies, small group work and individual 'pathway' interviews. 

Ormiston Venture Academy

Promoting higher education access to EAL students

Awarded November 2017, Norfolk

The school has a high proportion of EAL students and our figures suggest they are less likely to progress to higher education than other students. The project will work on aspirations of EAL students in years 9-11 working with partners and delivering CPD to key staff 

The Hewett Academy

National Enterprise Challenge

Awarded November 2017

The National Enterprise Challenge is to build a business with the help of professionals and present their pitch. The winning team is then entered into the national finals where students compete against other schools in the country. 

Ken Stimpson Community School

Getting students excited about writing

Awarded November 2017, Suffolk

Students at risk of not fulfilling their potential are taken to a writing residential course which will focus on developing students skills and confidence.

Chantry Academy

Raising aspirations in Computer Science

Awarded November 2017

A group of students to travel to the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park to introduce concepts of computing beyond the classroom and introduce the history of computing. Students can also explore the areas of Cryptography and Computer Programming. 

Chantry Academy

Raising Participation through improved careers advice

Awarded December 2017

Work with an established, respected and recommended firm to allow us to provide bespoke Career Independent Advice and Guidance (CIAG) to students so they become more motivated to achieve better results.

Ormiston Bushfield Academy

Space and Beyond

Awarded November 2017

The Space and Beyond project is intended to broaden the awareness of higher education and opportunities available to young people. A cross-curricular project which will run over a few months, we will also compare the skies in Norfolk and at the National Space Centre in Leicester. Read more... 

Caister Academy

The Learning Passport

Awarded November 2017

The Learning Passport is a comprehensive programme of outside the classroom support that provides a route to higher education for current GCSE students (Years 9, 10 and 11). Pupils will collect stamps on their learning passport and given guided support in their studies, as well as taking part in a range of enrichment events. There is an expectation that pupils should attend at least two of the four sessions each week. 

Northgate High School

Enhancing Cultural Capital

Awarded November 2017

A programme of enrichment linked to culture, the arts and higher education to raise the aspirations of year 10 students and enhance their cultural capital. Enrichment activities to improve engagement will be linked to developing academic interests and understanding opportunities that higher education can provide. It will also develop their social confidence and softer skills that are essential for success later on. A number of the enrichment activities would also target parents to support the development of higher aspirations at home.

St John Fisher Catholic High School

GCSE Geography Fieldwork

Awarded December 2017

A fieldwork project in Southwold (June/July 2018) to complete tasks to prepare students for the new fieldwork exam. Students will work collaboratively and spend the day connecting the learning whilst having hands on experience. Working outside of the classroom in an environment that they may never have experienced/visited, will  broaden their horizons and empower students to aim higher both in terms of furthering their education and equipping them with a new skills set, for example decision making skills. 

Ipswich Academy

Higher Apprenticeship Event

Awarded November 2017

To stimulate interest in advanced and higher apprenticeships as an alternative pathway to higher education and in turn increase graduate level jobs in the area through an event in 2018.

The Thetford Academy

Roving Reporter Project

Awarded November 2017

A 2-day programme to include a visit to a local employer to find out about the different careers within that company/organisation and record interviews. The students would be taught to write the stories into news articles and be shown how to edit the video of the interviews.  

Ken Stimpson Community School

Enhanced Sustainable Guidance

Awarded November 2017

Extend a current project to four new Progress Coaches to help raise student's awareness of options available to them, and supporting their needs to develop as successful students at the college.

Long Road Sixth Form

STEM Summer School

Awarded December 2017

A STEM focus summer school working with students with an interest in STEM subjects. Activities for the summer school include a visit to the University of Suffolk for a higher education taster day, visits to London to experience the museums, visits to post-16 providers and local STEM employers.

Ormiston Denes Academy