What we offer

neaco is taking a non-prescriptive approach to widening participation, intuitive to the needs of students, schools and local communities.

Take Your Place

Take Your Place is a fully funded, progressive programme designed for students in years 10-13 to improve progression to higher education. The programme includes a progressive framework of termly outcomes addressing our target students' identified needs.

The framework focuses on:

  • improving our student's understanding and preparedness to enable them to make informed choices about the specific requirements through which students can realise their aspirations for transitions between Key Stages.

  • improving their passion and ambition enabling students to explore, identify and articulate their passions and aspirations giving positive incentives for choosing post-16 and post-18 pathways.

To deliver the Take Your Place programme, neaco has employed Higher Education Champions, all experienced education and outreach professionals based in schools and colleges.. Highly Able and Media Higher Education Champions deliver activity in their specialist areas.

Higher Education Champions

Our Higher Education Champions facilitate sessions in schools, organise external speakers and events and coordinate trips to university campuses. They also work with parents and the local community to ensure young people are fully supported.

In addition to support provided by our Higher Education Champions, neaco offers funding for our identified target schools. This enables the school to provide tailored support to help their students to progress to higher education.

Working with communities

We recognise the importance of parents, families and communities in supporting young people in making choices about their futures. We work closely with community groups in the areas we serve, both through our Higher Education Champions, and by funding activity through our Community Grant scheme.